Eternity Bands

Eternity Bands

Welcome to our exquisite collection of Eternity Bands, where timeless elegance meets everlasting beauty. Each of our bands is crafted with the finest materials, from lustrous metals to stunning diamonds or precious stones, with precision and expertise that ensures its longevity. Our Eternity Bands are designed to symbolize your love, commitment, and devotion, with each stone representing a moment that has passed or one that is yet to come. Whether you choose a classic style with diamonds that encircle the entire band or a more contemporary one with a sleek metal design, our Eternity Bands are perfect for commemorating special moments or making an unforgettable gift to someone special. Our collection includes a variety of stunning designs, from delicate and minimalist to bold and intricate, all made to cater to your preferences and desires. Whether you prefer a vintage-inspired band with intricate details or a modern design with a sleek and clean look, we have the perfect ring to suit your style. With our exquisite selection of Eternity Bands, you can celebrate your cherished moments and make them last forever. Shop now and discover the beauty of everlasting love.

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Yaffie Timeless Bloom: Forever One Moissanite & 3/4ct TDW Diamond 3-Piece Set

Celebrate your special occasion with this gorgeous 3-piece bridal set featuring a Forever One Moissa..

£1,927.00 Ex Tax: £1,927.00

White Gold Moissanite Solitaire Bridal Set with Channel Diamond Band - 2 1/2ct Total Weight

Be the talk of the town with Yaffie's One-of-a-Kind White Gold 1 1/2ct Oval Moissanite Solitaire and..

£1,790.00 Ex Tax: £1,790.00

Yaffie Yellow Sapphire Infinity Eternity Ring - Pave Setting, 1.7mm Band Width

Indulge yourself with the Yaffie Sapphire Eternity Band 1.7mm Pave Yellow Sapphire Full Eternity Rin..

£448.00 Ex Tax: £448.00

Golden Eternity Wedding Band Adorned with 1/2ct of Mesmerizing Diamonds - Yaffie

Celebrate your special day with the Yaffie Gold 1/2ct TDW Diamond Eternity Wedding Band. Expertly cr..

£471.00 Ex Tax: £471.00

Twisted Diamond Band with Endless Sparkle - Intertwined with Love

This diamond eternity band from Yaffie will ensure your love shines for eternity. The twisted full e..

£1,197.00 Ex Tax: £1,197.00

Yaffie Timeless Bloom: Forever One Moissanite & 3/4ct TDW Diamond 3-Piece Set

This beautiful 3-piece bridal set from Yaffie Gold Forever is crafted from the finest Forever One Mo..

£1,974.00 Ex Tax: £1,974.00

Garnet Infinite Pave Eternity Band - Birthstone Stacking Ring by Yaffie

Add a little sparkle to your look with this full eternity band! Featuring a cubiz zirconia on a pave..

£388.00 Ex Tax: £388.00

Antique Floral Eternity Band with Yaffie Blue Sapphire and Diamond Sparkles

Experience everlasting beauty with this antique-inspired eternity band featuring shimmering blue sap..

£1,786.00 Ex Tax: £1,786.00

Yaffie Gold Eternity Band with 3ct TDW of Baguette Channel-Set Diamonds

Say goodbye to typical eternity bands with the Yaffie Gold Baguette Channel Set Diamond Eternity Ban..

£7,583.00 Ex Tax: £7,583.00

Gilded Glory: 1.5ct TDW Channel Set Diamond Wedding Band by Yaffie

Immerse yourself in timeless elegance with this exquisite Gold 1 1/2ct TDW Channel Set Diamond Weddi..

£2,099.00 Ex Tax: £2,099.00

Yaffie Signature White Gold Eternity Ring with a Round-cut 3ct TDW Diamond

Our spectacular Yaffie Signature Collection eternity ring is crafted in white gold and encircled in ..

£3,927.00 Ex Tax: £3,927.00

Emerald and Diamond White Gold Bridal Ring Set by Yaffie, featuring a stunning 3-stone design.

Celebrate your special occasion with this stunning Yaffie White Gold Created Emerald and 1/6 ct TDW ..

£463.00 Ex Tax: £463.00

Yaffie Tourmaline Eternity Band - Birthstone Stacking for a Green Sparkle

Show your unique spirit with this Yaffie Green Tourmaline Eternity Band Birthstone Stacking Band. Cr..

£553.00 Ex Tax: £553.00

Diamond Wedding Band with 1/2 ct TDW Round-Cut Stones in Yaffie White or Gold

Look like royalty in our stunning Yaffie White or Gold 1/2ct TDW Round Diamond Wedding Band. Crafted..

£634.00 Ex Tax: £634.00

Eternal Bloom: Yaffie Gold Forever One Moissanite and 2/5ct TDW Diamond Flower Duo

Feel beautiful and confident with this Yaffie Gold Forever One Moissanite and 2/5ct TDW Diamond Bloo..

£1,488.00 Ex Tax: £1,488.00

Sky Blue Topaz Half Eternity Infinity Ring with 2.5mm Matching Band - Perfect for Weddings and Birthdays!

Turn heads with this one-of-a-kind, shimmering, matchless Yaffie Half Eternity Band. Crafted with a ..

£448.00 Ex Tax: £448.00

Sparkling White Gold Diamond Eternity Ring for Milestone Celebrations & Elegant Stacking

This exquisite Yaffie White Gold 1.00ct TDW round diamond eternity anniversary stackable wedding rin..

£692.00 Ex Tax: £692.00

1.5ct Oval Moissanite and 1ct Diamond Bridal Ring Set

Be the belle of the ball with this unique and stylish 1 1/2ct Oval Moissanite Solitaire and 1ct TDW ..

£1,732.00 Ex Tax: £1,732.00

1.7mm Yaffie Yellow Sapphire Eternity Band - Your Perfect Stacking Ring

This beautiful handmade gold eternity band features vibrant yellow sapphire stones that shimmer like..

£358.00 Ex Tax: £358.00

Eternal Bloom: Yaffie White Gold Moissanite and Diamond Flower Duo

Add a touch of elegance to your look with this exquisite Yaffie White Gold Forever One Moissanite an..

£1,488.00 Ex Tax: £1,488.00

Antique Floral Bridal adorned with 1ct Round Moissanite and 2/5ct TDW Diamonds by Yaffie Gold.

Experience the elegance of a timeless classic with the Yaffie Gold 1ct Round Moissanite and 2/5ct TD..

£1,319.00 Ex Tax: £1,319.00

Emerald Eternity Band - White Gold with Green Birthstone (2mm)

Show off your vibrancy and embrace your personal birthstone with this stunning Yaffie Emerald band i..

£523.00 Ex Tax: £523.00

Sparkling Yaffie White Gold Diamond Wedding Band, a timelessly elegant 1/4ct TDW design.

Show your commitment with this beautiful eternity wedding band. Carefully crafted with White Gold, t..

£243.00 Ex Tax: £243.00

Elegant Yaffie Ring: Rose Gold and Pink Sapphire Forever Circlet with Birthstone

This exquisite Yaffie Rose Gold Full Eternity Ring is perfect for adding a unique touch to your look..

£433.00 Ex Tax: £433.00

Antique Floral Eternity Band: 1ct Blue Sapphire, 2/5ct Diamonds, Yaffie Gold

Add elegance and timeless beauty to your look with this stunning Blue Sapphire and Diamond Eternity ..

£1,766.00 Ex Tax: £1,766.00

Curvy Yaffie White Gold Diamond Wedding Ring with 5/8ct TDW

Add a classic and timeless elegance to your cherished memories with this radiant Yaffie White Gold D..

£700.00 Ex Tax: £700.00

Rose Gold Yaffie Birthstone Stacking Ring with French Pave Prong Set Emerald for Eternal Charm.

Add a touch of beauty and charm to any outfit with this exquisite Yaffie Emerald Eternity Band Ring ..

£568.00 Ex Tax: £568.00

Alternating Ruby and Blue Sapphire Half Eternity Band - Yaffie Shared Prong

This Yaffie Half Eternity Band is a must-have piece for all occasions. Crafted from precious stones,..

£433.00 Ex Tax: £433.00