Three Stone Style

Three Stone Style

Indulge in the stunning beauty and timeless elegance of three stone style rings. With a design that showcases three exquisite gemstones, this collection of rings is a true masterpiece. Each ring is handcrafted to perfection, combining flawless workmanship with the finest quality materials to create a truly mesmerizing piece of jewellery. The unique design of the three stone style ring is imbued with symbolism, representing the past, present and future of a relationship. It is a timeless choice for engagements, anniversaries or any special occasion. These rings are available in a range of styles, from classic to modern, to suit your individual taste and preferences. At the heart of each three stone style ring is the carefully selected gemstones. The center stone, often a diamond, represents the present, while the two side stones represent the past and future. These gemstones are carefully chosen to ensure they complement one another perfectly, creating a stunning harmony of color and brilliance. Crafted from the finest materials, including platinum, white gold and yellow gold, each ring is a true masterpiece. The intricate setting of the stones adds an extra level of detail and beauty, showcasing the brilliance of the gems. At Yaffie, we understand the importance of finding the perfect ring to commemorate life's special moments. That is why we offer an extensive collection of three stone style rings to choose from, each one handcrafted with precision and care. Whether you are looking for a timeless design or something more contemporary, we are confident that you will find the perfect ring to suit your needs and budget. With its rich symbolism and stunning beauty, a three stone style ring is an investment in love and commitment. Discover our exquisite collection and find the perfect piece of jewellery to celebrate your journey.

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Rose Gold Yaffie Engagement Ring with 2ct TDW Center and Pear Shaped Side Stones

Fall in love all over again with this beautiful 2 Carat Total Diamond Weight Rose Gold Three Stone E..

£10,918.00 Ex Tax: £10,918.00

Certified 3-stone Diamond Promise Ring with Yaffie Gold 1/4ct TDW

Adorn your love with this Yaffie Gold 1/4ct TDW Certified diamond 3-stone promise ring. The stunning..

£422.00 Ex Tax: £422.00

Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring: Yaffie Signature Collection, White Gold, 7/8ct TDW

This glamorous Emerald-cut Diamond Ring from Yaffie Signature Collection is crafted in solid White G..

£2,087.00 Ex Tax: £2,087.00

Yaffie Triumphant Trio: Yellow & White Gold, 1/5ct TDW Diamonds Engagement Ring

Show your timeless love to the one you admire with a stunning diamond 3-stone engagement ring from Y..

£357.00 Ex Tax: £357.00

A Stunning Semi-Mount Diamond Engagement Ring in Yaffie White Gold, Featuring 0.62ct TDW of Pure Brilliance.

Celebrate your special someone with this gorgeous 0.62ct TDW semi-mount diamond engagement ring. Exp..

£1,605.00 Ex Tax: £1,605.00

White Gold Bridal Ring Set with 1ct TDW Princess and Round-cut Diamonds and Intricate Milgrain Detail by Yaffie

Surprise your loved one with this exquisite Yaffie White Gold Bridal Ring Set featuring 1ct TDW Diam..

£2,522.00 Ex Tax: £2,522.00

White Gold Engagement Ring with Trillion Diamond and 3 1/5 ct Emerald-like Brilliance

This stunning Emerald Moissanite Trillion Diamond Engagement Ring is an exquisite choice! Crafted fr..

£2,388.00 Ex Tax: £2,388.00

White Gold Engagement Ring with Emerald-cut and Pear Shape Diamonds, Yaffie Signature Collection, 1ct TDW Split Shank Design

Add an unforgettable sparkle to your life with Yaffie's Signature Collection White Gold 1ct TDW Emer..

£2,079.00 Ex Tax: £2,079.00

Sparkling Yaffie Engagement Ring with 1/4ct TDW and Trio of Stones in Silver

Indulge in exquisite beauty with this Yaffie Silver 1/4ct TDW Engagement Ring. It incorporates a thr..

£100.00 Ex Tax: £100.00

Yaffie Trio of Sparkling Diamonds in Rose Gold Engagement Ring Set, totaling 1 1/4ct TDW

This exquisite Yaffie Rose Gold Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring Set features 1 1/4 carats of daz..

£2,047.00 Ex Tax: £2,047.00

Sparkling Yaffie White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring with 3 Stunning Stones

Discover the perfect gift for the special someone in your life: a breathtaking Yaffie White Gold 1/4..

£334.00 Ex Tax: £334.00

Ruby Diamond Triple Stone Ring in Sterling Silver by Yaffie, 1/6ct TDW

This elegant three-stone ring from Yaffie features an antique-inspired design with a center diamond ..

£253.00 Ex Tax: £253.00

Vintage 3-stone Diamond Ring with 1ct TDW White Gold by Yaffie, Certified by IGL

This beautiful vintage ring features 1 carat total diamond weight of IGL certified diamonds set in w..

£1,582.00 Ex Tax: £1,582.00

Breathtaking Yaffie Bridal Set with White Gold, Luminous Moissanite, and Dazzling 1.5ct Diamond

This bridal set from Yaffie features a sparkling white gold moissanite and 1 1/2ct TDW diamond, givi..

£3,194.00 Ex Tax: £3,194.00

Golden Yaffie with 0.5ct Trio of Diamonds - Celebrating Three Years Together

Celebrate your special anniversary in style with the Yaffie Gold 1/2ct TDW Diamond Three-Stone Anniv..

£724.00 Ex Tax: £724.00

Ruby and Diamond Stunner: Yaffie High-Polished White Gold Ring

Treat yourself or someone special to this glamorous Yaffie White Gold Ruby/Diamond High-Polish Ring...

£2,216.00 Ex Tax: £2,216.00

Certified Radiant-cut Diamond Engagement Ring with 3 Stunning Stones in White Gold by Yaffie, 1 3/4ct TDW

Exquisitely crafted with brilliance, discover the Yaffie White Gold 1 3/4ct TDW Certified Radiant-cu..

£10,728.00 Ex Tax: £10,728.00

Yaffie Certified 3-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring with Yellow and White Platinum Setting (2.48ct TDW)

Show your love with this breathtaking 3-stone diamond engagement ring from Yaffie Platinum. Crafted ..

£30,830.00 Ex Tax: £30,830.00

Radiant Cut Diamond Ring from the Yaffie Signature Collection, with 1ct TDW and White Gold.

Pure elegance and superiority in design, the Yaffie Signature Collection White Gold 1ct TDW Radiant ..

£1,905.00 Ex Tax: £1,905.00

IGI-Certified 3-Stone Princess Cut 2ct TDW White Gold Yaffie Engagement Ring

Luxuriate in the brilliance and sparkle of this modern and elegant white gold engagement ring. A daz..

£10,283.00 Ex Tax: £10,283.00

Sparkling Contrast: 3-stone Moissanite & Diamond Engagement Ring in Yaffie White Gold - 3.85ct Total

Crafted with creativity and brilliance, this Yaffie White Gold 2 3/4ct TGW Moissanite 3-stone and 1 ..

£2,904.00 Ex Tax: £2,904.00

Certified Diamond Wheat Carved Bridal Ring Set with Yaffie Rose Gold 3-Stone Sparkle (4/5 ct TDW).

At Yaffie, we believe nothing is quite as special as a diamond bridal ring set. Our 4/5ct TDW Certif..

£2,286.00 Ex Tax: £2,286.00

1 Carat TDW Diamond Bridal Ring Set in Yaffie White Gold

Express your most cherished commitments to your partner with this exclusive Yaffie White Gold Bridal..

£1,626.00 Ex Tax: £1,626.00

Yaffie Vintage Morganite & Topaz Split Shank Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

Make a statement with this beautiful rose gold engagement ring from Yaffie's Signature Collection. F..

£351.00 Ex Tax: £351.00

Triple Halo Diamond Engagement Ring with 1ct TDW in Yaffie White Gold

This beautiful Yaffie White Gold engagement ring has a 1ct TDW Triple Halo Diamond shape and design ..

£1,614.00 Ex Tax: £1,614.00

3-stone Engagement Ring with 1/2ct TDW Diamonds and Moissanite in Yaffie White Gold

Elevate your proposal with this gorgeous Yaffie White Gold engagement ring with a dazzling combinati..

£1,983.00 Ex Tax: £1,983.00

Three Stone Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring in Yaffie White Gold (3/5ct TDW)

This gorgeous white gold three stone ring features an oval center blue sapphire and two sparkling di..

£1,127.00 Ex Tax: £1,127.00

Certified Yaffie Gold 2ct TDW 3-Stone Diamond Ring

This exquisite Yaffie Gold 2-ct TDW Certified 3-Stone Diamond Ring is completely ethically sourced a..

£8,843.00 Ex Tax: £8,843.00

Certified IGL Yaffie Gold Ring with Three Blue and White Diamonds, Totaling 1ct TDW

Add a splash of effortless elegance to your ensemble with this beautiful 1ct TDW IGL Certified Three..

£1,553.00 Ex Tax: £1,553.00

Yaffie White Gold 1 1/4ct TDW Cushion Diamond Ring from the Signature Collection

Shine brighter than the stars with this luxurious 1 1/4ct TDW white gold cushion center diamond ring..

£2,986.00 Ex Tax: £2,986.00

Radiant Rose Gold Moissanite 3-Stone Engagement Ring with 2k TGW Diamonds from Yaffie Collection.

Show your commitment with the Yaffie Collection 3-stone engagement ring - a beautiful indulgence wit..

£1,405.00 Ex Tax: £1,405.00

Gold Split-Shank Engagement Ring with Three Stunning Diamonds, Totaling 1 1/4 Carats

Stun your partner with the magnificent beauty of the Yaffie Gold Three Stone Diamond Split-Shank Eng..

£2,790.00 Ex Tax: £2,790.00

3 Glittering Diamonds on Yaffie White Gold 1ct TDW Ring

This Yaffie White Gold 1ct TDW 3-stone Diamond Ring is the perfect gift for a special someone! Craft..

£2,090.00 Ex Tax: £2,090.00

White Gold 2ct TGW Moissanite and 3 Stone 1ct TDW Diamond Engagement Ring by Yaffie

Ignite your look with this brilliant and shimmering Yaffie white gold engagement ring. Crafted from ..

£2,054.00 Ex Tax: £2,054.00

Certified Marquise and Pear-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring from Yaffie Signature Collection in White Gold, 7/8ct TDW

Exquisite and exquisitely crafted, Yaffie's Signature Collection White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring ..

£3,411.00 Ex Tax: £3,411.00

Engagement Ring with Three Dazzling Diamonds in White Gold, 1/4ct TDW

Look no further for the perfect ring to express your love and commitment. The Yaffie White Gold 1/4c..

£407.00 Ex Tax: £407.00

Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Bridal Set with White Gold Halo by Yaffie, 1ct TDW

Adorn your bridal look with this dazzling three-stone bridal set. Carefully crafted in white gold, t..

£1,899.00 Ex Tax: £1,899.00

Princess Cut Diamond Ring with 3 Stones in Two-Tone Gold, 3/4ct Total Weight

This stunning Yaffie two-tone gold diamond ring features three stunning princess cut diamonds totali..

£1,301.00 Ex Tax: £1,301.00

Imperial Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring with 1/3ct TDW in White Gold by Yaffie

Let your love sparkle with this stunning White Gold Imperial Engagement Ring. Featuring a beautiful ..

£446.00 Ex Tax: £446.00

Yaffie 3-Stone Engagement Ring in White Gold, Hand-set with 1/6ct of Sparkling Diamonds.

Show your love with this sparkling Yaffie White Gold diamond 3-stone engagement ring. Featuring 1/6c..

£293.00 Ex Tax: £293.00

Golden Yaffie Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring with 1/5ct TDW

Discover the perfect symbol of your never-ending love with the Yaffie Gold Diamond Cluster Engagemen..

£330.00 Ex Tax: £330.00

Gold Yaffie Charles & Colvard Moissanite Ring: 3 Stone Brilliance (3.9ct DEW)

Ignite your love with a unique 9/10ct DEW Round Forever Brilliant Moissanite 3-stone Ring from Yaffi..

£1,304.00 Ex Tax: £1,304.00

Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver Bridal Set with Cubic Zirconia Emerald Cut Center & Three Stone Design by Yaffie

Show your love with this exquisite wedding set featuring a rhodium-plated sterling silver band encru..

£138.00 Ex Tax: £138.00

Diamond Trio Engagement Ring with 1ct Total Weight by Yaffie

This romantic Yaffie 1ct TDW Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring is an elegantly crafted beauty. Cra..

£883.00 Ex Tax: £883.00

3-Stone White Gold Engagement Ring with Sparkling 1/2ct TDW Diamonds by Yaffie

Get ready to make a stunning statement with this exquisite White Gold 1/2ct TDW Diamond 3-stone Enga..

£638.00 Ex Tax: £638.00

Certified White Gold 3-stone Engagement Ring with 2ct TDW Round-cut Diamonds by Yaffie

Turn heads with this gorgeous Yaffie White Gold 2ct TDW Certified Round-cut Diamond 3-Stone Engageme..

£7,726.00 Ex Tax: £7,726.00

Certified 1 1/2ct TDW Three-Stone Diamond Ring - Yaffie Gold

Perfectly designed with elegance and precision in mind, this gorgeous 6.5 gram 1 1/2ct TDW Certified..

£8,380.00 Ex Tax: £8,380.00

Charles & Colvard Yaffie Gold Ring with 1.32 TGW Forever Brilliant Moissanite in a 3-Stone Setting

Imagine having a piece of jewelry that will last forever! Our Yaffie Charles & Colvard Gold 1.32 TGW..

£612.00 Ex Tax: £612.00

Dazzling Yaffie Three-Stone Engagement Ring with 2ct TDW Round Diamond in Rose Gold

Spectacularly designed with class and elegance, this breathtaking Yaffie Rose Gold 2ct TDW Round Dia..

£2,863.00 Ex Tax: £2,863.00

Anniversary Delight: White Gold Diamond Three-Stone Ring with 1 1/2ct TW

Spoil your loved one with a truly stunning Yaffie white gold diamond anniversary ring. Crafted with ..

£3,852.00 Ex Tax: £3,852.00

Princess and Marquise Diamonds Promise Ring - Sparkling Yaffie 1/4 CT in White Gold GH I2;I3

Surprise the special someone in your life with this sparkling Princess and Marquise Diamonds Promise..

£406.00 Ex Tax: £406.00

Gold Yaffie 1.5ct TDW Three-Stone Diamond Anniversary Ring

Add a touch of timeless elegance to your special day with this exquisite Yaffie Gold Diamond Three-S..

£3,893.00 Ex Tax: £3,893.00

3-stone Princess-cut Diamond Engagement Ring with 1 7/10ct TDW in Yaffie White Gold

Surprise your special someone with this dazzling Yaffie White Gold 3-stone Princess-Cut Diamond Enga..

£5,887.00 Ex Tax: £5,887.00

Yaffie 4/5ct TDW Round-cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Elegant White Gold

Crafted in lustrous white gold, this stunning round-cut diamond engagement ring is sure to make a st..

£1,511.00 Ex Tax: £1,511.00

Canary Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring - Yaffie 1 1/2ct TDW White Gold

Create your moment of love and happiness with the Yaffie White Gold 1 1/2ct TDW Canary Yellow 3-ston..

£3,512.00 Ex Tax: £3,512.00

Forever Classic Moissanite 3-Stone Ring in Sterling Silver with Side Accents by Yaffie - 1.62 TGW

Beautifully crafted from sterling silver with striking moissanite stones, this Yaffie Charles & Colv..

£343.00 Ex Tax: £343.00

Rose Gold Diamond Anniversary Ring with 1.5ct TDW Three-Stone Design by Yaffie

Celebrate the special day in style with this stunning Yaffie Rose Gold 1 1/2ct TDW Diamond Three-Sto..

£3,907.00 Ex Tax: £3,907.00

Shimmering Yaffie Gold 1.875ct Moissanite and Diamond 3-Stone Halo Engagement Ring.

Make a grand proposal and create lifelong memories with Yaffie Gold's 1 7/8ct TGW Cushion-cut Moissa..

£1,189.00 Ex Tax: £1,189.00

Three Sparkling Diamonds in Yaffie Gold Engagement Ring (1 1/2ct TDW)

A stunning diamond three stone engagement ring, crafted with 1 1/2ct of diamonds, which is sure to c..

£2,121.00 Ex Tax: £2,121.00

Rose Gold 1ct TDW Yaffie Two-Stone Diamond Ring

Discover a timeless treasure with the exquisite Rose Gold 1 carat total weight Two-Stone Diamond Rin..

£927.00 Ex Tax: £927.00

Platinum Princess Cut 3-Stone Diamond Bridal Ring Set with 2ct TDW in Artful Braided Setting by Yaffie.

Symbolize your love with this exquisite Yaffie Platinum 2ct TDW 3-stone Princess Cut Diamond Engagem..

£6,053.00 Ex Tax: £6,053.00

2ct TDW Yaffie Gold 3-Stone Engagement Ring

Get her the ultimate symbol of love with this stunning Yaffie Gold 2ct TDW Diamond 3-Stone Engagemen..

£3,180.00 Ex Tax: £3,180.00

Jeweled Majesty: Yaffie White Gold Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Trio, 1 1/2ct Total.

Feel the romance of love blossom with the Yaffie White Gold 1 1/2ct TDW Enhanced Princess-cut 3-ston..

£2,948.00 Ex Tax: £2,948.00

3-Stone Sparkling Moissanite and Diamond White Gold Ring by Yaffie (1.6ct total weight)

This beautiful Yaffie White Gold 1 3/5ct TGW Moissanite and Diamond 3-Stone Engagement Ring is both ..

£1,331.00 Ex Tax: £1,331.00

Gold Yaffie Three-Stone Engagement Ring with 1/5ct of Sparkling Diamonds

Say "I do" with this romantic 1/5ct TDW Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring from the Yaffie Gold col..

£339.00 Ex Tax: £339.00

Gold Yaffie Three Stone Diamond Ring with 1 1/3ct TDW Round Cut

This breathtaking Yaffie Gold 1 1/3ct TDW Round Diamond Three Stone Ring is perfect for any special ..

£4,750.00 Ex Tax: £4,750.00

White Gold Diamond Trio Ring - 1.25ct Total Weight

Genuine and timeless, the Yaffie White Gold 1 1/4ct TDW Diamond 3-stone Ring is sure to make her fee..

£3,181.00 Ex Tax: £3,181.00

IGL-certified Diamond Ring from Yaffie Signature Collection in White Gold with an impressive 1ct TDW

Slip into something extraordinary with Yaffie's Signature Collection White Gold 1ct TDW IGL-certifie..

£2,017.00 Ex Tax: £2,017.00

IGI-certified Yaffie 3-Stone Engagement Ring with 1 1/4ct TDW White Gold Diamonds

Make a true statement of love with this beautiful Yaffie White Gold 1 1/4ct TDW Diamond IGI-certifie..

£8,597.00 Ex Tax: £8,597.00

An Exquisite Yaffie Rose Gold Ring with Three Magnificent Diamonds Totaling 1/4ct TDW - Perfect for Your Engagement!

Capture the beauty of eternal love with the Yaffie Rose Gold 1/4ct TDW Diamond Three-Stone Look Enga..

£440.00 Ex Tax: £440.00

Sparkling Yaffie gold anniversary ring with 1.25 carat TDW diamonds and three striking stones.

Celebrate your special occasion with the sparkling beauty of this Yaffie Gold Three-Stone Anniversar..

£1,892.00 Ex Tax: £1,892.00

3-Princess Cut White Gold Diamond Ring with 2ct Total Weight

Are you searching for a remarkable and timeless piece of jewelry that will stand out and catch the e..

£6,817.00 Ex Tax: £6,817.00

Radiant Moissanite & 1ct TDW Diamond Engagement Ring with Twinkle of Yaffie White Gold

Celebrate your special bond with this beautiful Yaffie White Gold Radiant Moissanite 3-stone and 1ct..

£2,305.00 Ex Tax: £2,305.00

Sapphire Sparkle Diamond Ring in White Gold by Yaffie

Shop this exquisite Yaffie White Gold Created Sapphire and Diamond Ring. Enjoy a unique combination ..

£297.00 Ex Tax: £297.00

Braided 3-Stone Princess Cut Diamond Ring Set by Yaffie - 14k Gold, 2ct TDW for Your Special Day

Spoil your special someone with this exquisite 14k/Gold 2ct TDW 3-Stone Princess Cut Diamond Braided..

£5,049.00 Ex Tax: £5,049.00

Princess-cut Triple Diamond Ring with 2 2/5ct TDW in White Gold by Yaffie

Capture her heart with this stunning Yaffie White Gold 2 2/5ct TDW Diamond Princess-cut Three Stone ..

£2,970.00 Ex Tax: £2,970.00

Sparkling Yaffie White Gold Three-Stone Engagement Ring Set with 1 1/4ct TDW Diamonds

This eye-catching Yaffie Three-Stone Engagement Ring Set radiates beauty and luxury with its white g..

£2,047.00 Ex Tax: £2,047.00

Sparkling Yaffie 2ct TDW Diamond White Gold Engagement Ring with 3 Stones

Show your romantic side with this exquisite Yaffie White Gold 2ct TDW Diamond 3-Stone Engagement Rin..

£10,932.00 Ex Tax: £10,932.00

White Gold 1/2ct TDW Certified Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring from Yaffie Signature Collection

You'll fall in love with this stunning White Gold 1/2ct TDW Certified Diamond Three-Stone Engagement..

£781.00 Ex Tax: £781.00

Bridal Set with 1/3ct TDW Diamonds in Yaffie White Gold

Celebrate the timeless elegance of your eternal love with this unique Yaffie bridal ring set. Crafte..

£702.00 Ex Tax: £702.00